• Vineyards in Lavaux region - Terrasses de Lavaux terraces, Switzerland

Request a Quote

When you request a quote, supplying additional information on top of the source text is helpful or even necessary to ensure optimal results. I will, of course, treat any information and materials received with the utmost confidentiality.


For a translation:

  • desired deadline for the translation
  • desired file format
  • target country (Switzerland or Germany)
  • purpose and target audience
  • client-specific terminology to be observed
  • reference materials, if available


For proofreading and editing:

  • desired deadline for the corrections
  • particular instructions, requirements or focuses
  • desired marking of corrections: in track changes, using comments or corrections incorporated directly in the text


Order Processing

After receiving your inquiry, I will send you a quote as quickly as possible. I will start working on your order as soon as I have received your written consent for the cost estimate. With more extensive texts, or by mutual agreement, I can also send the processed texts in sections. I will send you the translated or edited documents by email in the agreed format within the agreed time limit. Upon the completion of your order, you will receive an invoice by email.